Greater Trail Stingrays Swim Club

Take your swimming to the next level.




The Stingrays is a swim club for residents from Trail, Beaver Valley, Warfield and Rossland. We promote competitive speed swimming through regular training and regional competitions. Everyone is welcome.

The only requirement at any age is the ability to swim one length of the pool.

Funds to pay coaches’ salaries and pool rental fees are raised through swimmer fees, donations, provincial grants and other fundraising activities. The swim club program runs year round but intensifies with increased training and competitions during the summer session, which starts in May and finishes in July. Training takes place in the Warfield and Trail pools. We are registered with the British Columbia Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA).

The BCSSA exists to promote, encourage and develop an individual’s capacity to achieve excellence and life skills through participation in competitive aquatic activities.

Speed swimming is the largest aquatic component of BCSSA competition and includes Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Individual Medley and Relays. Competitors are separated into seven divisions based on age.

Download The Stingrays Handbook BCSSA Parents’ Resource Guide


The Stingrays Swim Club can give your child some of the most positive experiences they will ever have. Sports can and should be an important part of growing up.

Taking part in a well run sports program helps a child:

  • develop a love for physical activity
  • develop respect for fair play
  • improve physical fitness
  • gain pride in personal achievement
  • develop social skills
  • enjoy sports skills that will last a lifetime

Having fun is the key to good sports clubs. Athletes have fun when they are challenged by activities at which they succeed. Helping athletes choose the right sport involves ensuring their needs are met when they seem ready to join, such as “wanting” to be involved with sport.

For over 40 years the Stingrays Swim Club has been teaching kids new strokes, stroke improvement and competitive swimming techniques in a fun and supportive atmosphere, building strength and confidence.

Who can Join?

Everyone from 6 to 60, who likes to swim, have fun and make friends.

Why you should join:

  • To become an excellent, stronger swimmer.
  • To become physically and mentally fit.
  • To learn competitive swimming techniques and motivational tips.
  • To cross train for other sports.
  • To become part of a team and learn the value of being a team member.
  • To make and enjoy new friendships across the region.
  • To learn to set personal goals and the self-discipline needed to achieve them.
  • To have fun.


We have a family plan to help make swimming with the Stingrays affordable for the whole family. These are the fees for the entire summer season beginning May 1st. This includes meet entry fees, BCSSA insurance and registration.

First Swimmer: $425
Second Swimmer: $300
Third + Swimmer: $200
Novice: $200

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