Greater Trail Stingrays Swim Club

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Sponsoring Our Swim Club

We are a non-profit society that is operated by volunteers. All funds we generate are used for developing important skills for swimming and for life.

We have excelled as a Competitive Swim Club for over 40 years and strive to be professional and serve a larger membership at all times.

In order to develop all participants from and to the greater community, it is important to keep our membership fees affordable. Currently our funding is split evenly between membership fees, government grants and fundraising.

The Trail Stingrays has corporate sponsorship programs available. We understand that local companies benefit from participating in their community and we think our club is an ideal entity to showcase that participation.

Our club is family oriented, visible and appeals to a broad demographic. Programs vary in cost and corporate exposure. We invite local businesses to contact us to inquire about involvement with the STINGRAYS.


Swim A Thon Sponsorship Program

Our Swim a thon is an economical way to get community exposure through one of our main fundraising activities. Our team members swim 64 lengths totaling a mile in the Trail pool. This generates funds through individual pledges for each length a swimmer completes.

Retailers and local business can sponsor all our swimmers for a designated amount per length. This places your name and logo printed at the top of our sponsorship forms that are circulated throughout the communities as swimmers canvas to increase sponsorship. You will also get logo representation on our website sponsor page and visibility on our poolside monitor and banners.

A 10 cent per length pledge would translate into approximately $320.00 commitment for your company. A pledge of any amount is welcome in this program and makes a significant contribution to our overall revenue requirement.

Swim Meet Sponsorship Program

This is another one time event that highlights your company to the Kootenay Region during our annual swim meet at the Trail Aquatic Centre. We usually get about 250 swimmers visiting from throughout the region and their families for a period of two days. This will give you exposure on our monitor screen, website sponsor page, swim programs sold on site and our poolside banners.

The contribution for this program is based on a minimum of $200.00 and larger contributions will influence the positioning and size of your corporate logo at the event.

Funds from this program contribute to costs associated with the meet.

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