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Swim Meets

Swim Meets

Swim Meets

Swim meets are optional. However, they are fun for the entire family. We encourage parents to volunteer for out of town swim meets.

Running a Swim Meet takes many volunteers and parents from invited clubs are asked to assist. Volunteers are required for a variety of jobs.

These are tasks that are easily learned. The benefits of helping out include watching the races from the best seats, getting pampered with food and refreshments and meeting parents from other clubs.

What to bring:

  • Nutritious snacks, lunch, and a water bottle.
  • T –shirt, sweatshirt, hat, sleeping bag and pillow (optional)
  • Entertainment for the tent
  • Sunscreen
  • Goggles, swim cap, towels and bathing suit.

Parents bring:

  • Lawn chair, cooler and sunscreen.
  • A spare pair of swim goggles can save the day.
  • pen and highlighter

Swim Meet Sign Up

The week prior to the meet, the list of entered swimmers and events is posted on the bulletin board. Please initial next to your athlete’s name, confirming attendance at the meet and which races he or she wants to be in.

The club covers all costs of swim meets, please honor that by attending if you have signed up.

What to do when you get there:

The focal point for the swimmers is the team tent. Parents help to erect the tent while swimmers do their warm-up laps. This tent provides protection from rain and sun, it also provides a place for swimmers to relax, keep bags, towels and share swimming stories.

Parents set up their own lawn chairs and coolers next to the tent. Don’t forget to bring sunshine, sun hats and lotion and suitable clothing.

Parents should purchase a program at each meet. Highlight your child’s name and event numbers by looking up their division and stroke. Some parents like to write the event numbers on their arm or hand.

Each event is announced on the public address system calling swimmers to the marshaling area. Marshaling is conducted in a waiting area where swimmers are organized into their respective Heats.

Race results are posted in a prominent area about an hour after each race. If there is a final event to be run in the afternoon, the names of the finalists will be posted after morning heats.

Points and ribbons are awarded to each “placed” swimmer. There are gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to swimmers in each of the eight age divisions. While medals are awarded at closing ceremonies, ribbons are distributed by the coach at the next practice.

Relay races are held at the end of each day and are an opportunity to win points for the entire Club Team and to have fun. Sometimes younger swimmers may be grouped with older swimmers and entered in a higher age division. Relays are fun to participate in and they build team spirit.

Disqualifications & Protests

Yes… It can happen! For example, a swimmer touches the wall with both hands and does a proper turn but the Turn Judge thinks the turn was illegal and disqualifies the swimmer.When the swimmer returns and tells the coach they were disqualified. The coach has decision to make. If the coach feels the disqualification was incorrect the coach can protest the judges decision.

Important note: At least one coach must have observed the disqualifying action (ie the turn), otherwise the protest cannot be made. Once the decision has been made to protest, the coach must make a verbal protest and then submit a written protest. The Jury makes the final decision. Again, it is the COACHES decision whether or not to appeal.

Out of Town Swimmers

There is an entry fee for out of town or non member swimmers of $100.00. This fee covers the Insurance cost of $62.00, the meet fee of $10.00 and the administrative and coaching costs. If the swimmer chose to enter into other meets of the season, they would only have to pay an additional $20.00 per meet to cover meet fees and administrative costs.

Grand Forks B Meet

The idea of a Grand Forks B Meet is to give swimmers a chance to compete with other swimmers within their own time group so everyone in Swim Team has a chance to obtain a deserved gold, silver or bronze metal along with place ribbons.

This meet is principally intended for “B” swimmers, although:

If a swimmer has an “A” time in two or more events, then that swimmer must enter as an Exhibition Swimmer only and is not eligible for medals.

If a swimmer has “A” times in one event, then they may swim in the Meet as follows:

If swimming in an event for which he/she has an “A” time, then must enter that event as an Exhibition Swimmer only.

If swimming in an event for which he/she has a “B” time, points will be awarded towards a medal if he/she swims an “A” time.

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