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Head Coach for Fall/Winter Season

Posted on Sep 14, 2018 in Stingray News

Head Coach for Fall/Winter Season

The Trail Stingrays are looking for a head coach for the fall and winter swim maintenance season. We are looking for an enthusiastic, organized, and proactive coach to lead our swim team this fall and winter.

Requirements: NCCP 101/Fundamentals Coach Level 1 coaching course completion or willing to take and complete this coaching course.


  1. Provide a fun and encouraging environment which brings out the best of each swimmer and develops their social skills (responsibility, fair play, acceptance of others, teamwork, team spirit, learning how to take success and setback).
  2. Develop camaraderie among all swimmers and to develop “team” spirit, focussing on team building activities adding new approaches to daily practice schedule ie. inter-club team challenges.
  3. Focus on individual detection and correction for start, stroke, turn, and finish techniques
  4. Maintain overall endurance/strength training program.
  5. Introduce new swimmers to competitive swimming techniques.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Motivate and encourage swimmers; providing enthusiastic leadership
  • Lead the development and implementation of a training plan for all swimmers
  • Monitor the training of designated swimmers according to the training plan
  • In conjunction with swimmers, set down clear expectations for designated swimmers in order to achieve their objectives
  • Provide regular feedback to swimmers about technique improvements and progress towards attainment of their goals and objectives
  • Lead junior coaches in training to hep deliver the swim program to younger swimmers
  • Coordinate with executive members to successfully deliver the program



The Stingrays Club swims Monday and Wednesday nights from 4pm-6pm. The Fall/Winter swim season runs from October to April (approximately 24 weeks).


To be discussed based on coaching certification and experience.

Email resumes to