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Regional Championship Meet Results

Posted on Aug 8, 2018 in Stingray News

Regional Championship Meet Results

The team had incredible results at regionals over the weekend and every swimmer received personal best times. They’ve been training really hard for the past 4 months with early morning dryland training followed by a swim and another practice in the evening. Their hard work truly paid off this weekend and it was very rewarding for the coaches to watch the swimmers put everything they had into their races and knowing that they gave it their all. We also had lots of new swimmers this year who signed up and had no idea how to swim or compete and we’re extremely proud of how far each one of them has come. Not only did they gain valuable skills in the water and became stronger swimmers, but they learnt how to be a team player, set goals, and strive for success. 

Meet highlights

Saturday races: 
-Kate Fricke, div 1, swam 1:50.80 in the 100 IM and won gold. 
-Camden McNair, div 2, took 2 seconds off in 50 free with 40.28 and won bronze. 
-Fionn Miller, div 3, took 4 seconds off his 50 fly time with 42.31, taking fourth place. 
-Claire Fricke, div 4, in the 200 IM, took 3 seconds off during prelims with a time of 3:02.34. In finals, she took 6 seconds off, breaking 3:00, with a time of 2:56.32 and winning silver. 
-Reuben Demmler, div 4, in 200 IM took 2 seconds off in prelims with 3:02.34. In finals, he took 4 seconds off with 3:00.45 and took gold. 
-Juliana Zhou, div 6, finally broke 30 seconds in her 50 free. Taking 1 second off in finals with a time of 29.82 and won gold.  

Sunday races: 
-Ryder Cain took 10 seconds off in 50 back in prelims with 1:13.13. In finals, he took another 2 seconds off with 1:11.56 and won gold. 
-Leah McNair, div 3, 50 breast, took 1 second off in prelims with 47.83 and won bronze in finals. 
-Andrew Fricke, div 4, took 4 seconds off in 100 back in finals with 1:38.91 and won gold. 
-Grady McAuley, div 4, took 2 seconds off in 100 back in finals with 1:51.09 and took silver. 
-Aubrey Demmler, div 1, took 4 seconds off in 50 breast in finals with 1:08.63 and won silver. 
-Keira Demmler, div 2, took 1 second off in 50 breast prelim, with 53.73. In finals, she took 2 seconds off with 51.06 and won gold.
-Ripley Shubert, div 4, took 1 second off in 100 breast prelim with 1:28.4. In finals, he took another second off with 1:27.91 and won gold. 

Team results 
1. Kimberley and Nelson tied
2. Trail 
3. Grand Forks 
4. Castlegar 
5. Colville 
6. Creston